Let’s talk about pelvic organ prolapse.

Did you know that about one in 10 women will need surgery for pelvic organ prolapse during their life?

POP is a common gynaecological condition estimated to affect up to 40% of women. Although not all patients with POP have symptoms which include a range of bladder and bowel symptoms as well as a dragging feeling in the pelvis. The development of POP will depend on a lot of individual factors e.g. a woman’s obstetric history, weight, chronic medical conditions, menopause to name just a few. Some of these factors can be modified to prevent POP or to improve the symptoms. Pelvic floor muscle training, lifestyle modification and pessary therapy are some of the non surgical treatment options and can often improve mild symptoms. More severe cases often require surgery in addition to non surgical treatments.

If you suffer from any POP symptoms like bladder symptoms including incontinence, bowel symptoms like incomplete emptying or incontinence or you feel a bulge or dragging sensation in your pelvis contact us for an appointment and Dr Tarek will work on an individual treatment plan with you.

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