Let’s talk about abnormal uterine bleeding.

Did you know that AUB is the one most common reason why women undergo a hysterectomy?

Abnormal uterine bleeding is a common problem for women of reproductive age and one of the most common reasons for women to see a gynaecologist. AUB refers to any kind of bleeding that is not a normal period. It includes irregular bleeding as well as heavy, prolonged and painful periods, it also accounts for bleeding associated with more concerning diseases like endometrial hyperplasia and cancer as well.

There are different causes for AUB, and luckily we can offer a wide range of individualized treatment options like non- hormonal, hormonal and surgical options. Surgical options include hysteroscopy for the removal of polyps and fibroids that are located just underneath the endometrium, endometrial ablation for heavy periods and of course hysterectomy.

If you are suffering from AUB and would like to discuss an individualized treatment plan with Dr Tarek please contact us for an appointment.

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